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Music producer jobs description

What are you most interested in? Record Producers guide the production of a record by coaching the musicians, advising in pre-production sessions, and directing the in-studio recording and production process.

Table of Contents. Pre-production can be done in my loft here with a guitar or piano, just sitting down and playing the song. A Record Producer coaches the artist and cultivates the song, suggesting changes to improve the track while in pre-production. When they have an idea, to take their idea and throw the next idea back at them and see where I can take them. The most important thing is having the concept very clear. I have a shape, a mood and colors, and positions.

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His entry into production came through roundabout means. I got one response. And it was for an interview at Trident. Then [I was] learning from these absolute legends that had come before me who made the Bowie albums or the Beatles albums, learning by osmosis and listening and watching, trying to figure out what was going on.

Music producer job description sample

It created a different sound and a different mood and captured a different emotion. For most Record Producers, the process of advancement is somewhat similar. Some Producers bypass the traditional climb to success by working out of their own home studio. They have to find people to work with and learn in that way. I can teach you everything else about the console and why I do this and why I use a certain thing or a microphone or a compressor. Although many skills can and need to be taught on the job within the studio environment, training yourself or attending a program that can teach you the basics is important.

There are so many clips on YouTube. One of the best educations I had was being trained by great Producers, Engineers, and artists, by watching, listening and learning. Do that. I need this done. I need that.

Not everyone can know everything, but this person went and they learned and now they know how to do that simple function. In my day, making a mistake once would be the end of your career. Obviously, studio experience is essential for an aspiring Record Producer, but so are good instincts, the ability to nurture creativity, to express ideas with confidence, and to conceptualize and accomplish what you want to make happen within the song.

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I can visualize the song. I did a talk recently for Ableton and someone asked me in the audience how do you know when a mix is done when a song is finished? About twelve people laughed. Same with a song. You have a concept and you visualize the end result. What do we have to achieve with the song? What is the mood? What is the emotional impact that we have to find?

Music Producer

Is it to make people want to go out and fight or go out and dance all night or sit in a corner and cry or fall in love? So that when someone listens to it they just get it.

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Trying to absorb and educate yourself as much as you can and building this kind of [musical] library and educating your instincts, then starting to try new ideas. Then if the band liked it, that would breed the confidence of having more ideas, while always remembering that I have to be absolutely centered, in touch with the song and the artist, and in the moment.Coronavirus Update: Our team is here to help our clients and readers navigate these difficult times.

Home Explore Careers. Music producers are responsible for the overall production of commercially recorded music. They work closely with recording artists and audio recording engineers to ensure everything runs smoothly and according to plan during a recording session.

They monitor and control the technical aspects of a session, such as microphone placement, tracks used, sound and effects, musician needs, and anything else that influences the quality of the recorded music, as well as see to other needs of the musicians and recording engineers.

They review prospective new artists, maintain ties with contracted artists, and may negotiate contract and recording arrangements. They also work on the final mixing and editing of the recording. Vault partners with thousands of colleges, universities and academic institutions to provide students with FREE access to our premium content. To determine if your school is a partner, please enter your school email address below. Enter the email address associated with your account, and we will email you instructions for re-setting your password.

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Outlook Decline. Personality Traits. Career Ladder. Music Producer. Music Production Assistant.

What does a music producer do?

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music producer jobs description

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Are you a student? You may have FREE access. Or Log In. Email Address required. Send Password. Create Account Or Log In. I am a Student I am a Professional. Years of Experience Less than 1 year 1 year to 3 years 3 years to 5 years 5 years to 7 years 7 years to 10 years 10 years to 15 years More than 15 years. Expected Graduation Year What defines a music producer and their involvement varies from producer to producer.

Essentially, the music producer oversees all aspects of the creation of a song or album. These can include choice of song, choice of musicians, instruments and vocalist s and how those instruments are played and those notes sung as well as where the song or album is recorded.

Like a director is to a film, the music producer is to a song. Like a film director, the music producer has to be able to make split-second decisions and convey their vision of the final song to all those involved—the audio engineer, the musicians, the singer—in a manner that gets the best performance possible from each of them. This requires great communication skills as well as an excellent understanding of logistics and budgets.

The producer is in charge of everything. A music producer is the guy that is in charge of making your song sound the way he thinks your song should sound to be competitive in the market that your song will be in.

A guy who makes beats on his laptop with FL studio is a beat maker. The music producer is hired because of his ideas in your genre of music. Then there are also vocal producers. Those guys can take your vocals and make you sing the way they know you can, and the way the song needs for you to sing.

Then, they usually work with a mix guy that they trust to put the vocals together in the way the songs needs in order to be the best it can be. They are engineering and mixing as they are writing the songs. They even balance the finances of project. The best way to become a music producer is to hang around a bonafide music producer…someone who makes their living being a music producer. Now you could beat your head against the wall trying to setup an externship with a music producer OR you could get in touch with us, the Recording Connection.

We knock on doors for your so you are on the inside dealing directly with a bona fide music producer from day one. Music producers are often defined as the unsung heroes behind the scenes in popular music.

music producer jobs description

In recording a song, or making a record, the music producer serves much the same role as a director in a film. In some cases this may merely involve making it listenable, however in other cases this means making sure the song is a hit, or at least has the potential to be a hit.

If the band and the studio are good and the sound engineer knows his job, this may not be too hard.

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However if the band struggles and the engineer has technical problems, a music producers job can get more complicated. There is no simple answer to the question, what does a music producer do? Good music producers understand every aspect of studio production. They also have a very good ear and a well-rounded knowledge of how voices and instruments produce recordable sound. One can learn to be a music producer by attending recording or music school.

However recording school is not for everyone. It can be cost-prohibitive for some and too academic for others. Mentoring programs, such as those offered by the Recording Connection, offer many advantages for those who wish to learn to be music producers.What are you most interested in?

A Music Producer writes, arranges, produces and records songs for other artists or for their own projects. Table of Contents. A typical day for me starts with checking my Producer notes, prepping the studio and checking gear functionality. Nothing else comes first. I usually work for about hours with lots of ear and mental breaks worked in throughout the day. While on a break, I am usually attending to phone calls, emails, texts, social media, and even accounting.

Social media has given me the ability to connect with more artists than ever, but in-person interaction will never be replaced. Half of producing is the music, the rest is sales…and I am the product I push.

Production is an extremely competitive field, and advancement comes as a Producer builds and diversifies his or her skill set or works with more prestigious artists. Some begin their careers while working out of a home studio before generating a buzz and being invited to work on big-budget projects.

Luksa puts it this way. The music industry has a similar statistical likelihood for artists and all us production folks trying to reach the top. I think Producers need to be realistic about the current and evolving state of the music industry. So many of my peers not only produce but play on records, write, engineer, DJprogram tracks or function as artists themselves to pay the bills.

You need to pick this line of work because you refuse to do anything else. As you learn to use new gear or software, you can use that formal education as a platform to grow on. Next, apprentice with someone who is respected in the part of the industry you want to work in. You need to follow production trends and methods. There is no one single magic solution to launching your career as a Producer.

Play off your strengths and fake the rest! The two things that are essential are passion and a diverse skill set.Before obtaining the position, a music production manager must have experience working in music production, preferably two to five years.

Record Producer

He should be able work as a team player and have great organizational skills. The production manager must also be able to handle multiple duties at a given time. Additional requirements for acquiring a music production manager position include having strong verbal and written communication skills and being able to work under pressure to handle deadlines.

Responsibilities include supervising all production procedures between the artist and record label, finalizing album artwork for distribution and handling album manufacturing to make sure the material is delivered on time to the manufacturer.

A music production manager must also organize media exposure for the artist by delivering advance music single copies to radio stations.

Other responsibilities include promoting the artist to various media outlets and public events, coordinating and distributing flyers to various promoters, creating production files for the record label and delivering advance album titles and covers to magazines before the album is released. Performing administrative duties are also a big part of being a music production manager. These duties include updating production schedules, maintaining budgets for album distribution and promotional events, and arranging travel expenses for artists and personnel.

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Share It. Music Directors and Requirements Before obtaining the position, a music production manager must have experience working in music production, preferably two to five years. About the Author.

Is a Music Production Career Worth It?

Copyright Leaf Group Ltd.Gifted Music Producer with seven years of building fantastic sound tapestries and taking artists to the next level.

Inspirational and motivational coaxing the best performances out of artists and delivering a tight finished product. Crafting a Music Producer resume that catches the attention of hiring managers is paramount to getting the job, and LiveCareer is here to help you stand out from the competition. View All Art Resumes. Customize this Resume Loading Create My Resume.

music producer jobs description

Summary: I can confidently say I've worked in some of the most stressful cutthroat environments possible and I can handle anythi Related: RetailField Representative. Exceptional organizational skills and st Related: Transportation and DistributionWarehouse.

Summary: Talented and knowledgeable audio specialist with years of experience with pro-audio equipment. Familiar with the radio Related: Entertainment and MediaTelevision and Radio.

Summary: Talented music composer with over 10 years of experience in creating custom music for Advertising Campaigns and Televis Related: Entertainment and MediaProduction. Want to use this resume? Customize this Resume. Blake Burton. Similar Resumes. Music Producer Bless and See Summary: I can confidently say I've worked in some of the most stressful cutthroat environments possible and I can handle anythi Music Producer Self-Employed Summary: Talented and knowledgeable audio specialist with years of experience with pro-audio equipment.

As seen in:. Customer Service. All rights reserved. Up with latest editing equipment and post-production methods Charismatic: works well with anyone Skilled negotiator Calm under pressure Bilingual: English and Spanish.For producers, psychology is an important aspect of drawing out great performances.

When you listen to a hit song on the radio, you probably aren't thinking about the song's producer.

music producer jobs description

And yet, music producers are responsible for the way songs sound in more ways than you might think. Music producers provide important creative and technical feedback during the songwriting and recording process — so much so that they're generally considered to be an honorary member of the band.

In short, music producers write, arrange and record songs, either for other artists or for themselves. They oversee the recording and distribution of songs to ensure that each track is as high-quality as possible.

Producers work very closely with musicians during recording sessions, providing helpful advice and encouragement for arranging and improving songs. It's a very technical job: Music producers are expected to know how to monitor and control virtually all the sound elements of a session.

But the role of a producer involves a fair amount of interpersonal skills, as well, because they are also responsible for reviewing prospective artists and negotiating contracts. A music producer should possess in-depth knowledge of music, be a musician with performance experience and know everything there is to know about recording equipment and sound engineering.

To accomplish this, it helps greatly to have a bachelor's degree in music production or music, though a formal education isn't necessarily required. Some producers may opt to pursue an online certificate program in lieu of a 4-year degree.

Music producers work independently or for record companies. They may be hired by a label for certain projects or they may bring their own artists to the attention of music industry insiders. Though many cities across the country have thriving music scenes, the vast majority of music producer gigs can be found in Los Angeles and New York City.

This means that half of music producers earn more than this, while the other half earns less. In terms of music production career outlook and job growth, overall employment of sound engineering technicians is projected to grow 8 percent from toaccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

This growth is expected to stem from entertainment industries, as well as businesses and schools. Justine Harrington is a freelance journalist and content writer for startups, nonprofits, and other small businesses in the Austin, Texas area. She also writes about topics in social entrepreneurship and workforce development for Impact Hub, one of the largest networks of entrepreneurial communities in the world.

To find out more, visit www. Skip to main content. About the Author Justine Harrington is a freelance journalist and content writer for startups, nonprofits, and other small businesses in the Austin, Texas area. Harrington, Justine. Duties of a Music Producer. Work - Chron. Note: Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name.

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